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Energy Healing

“Tantra is primarily about uniting love, spirituality and sexuality with awareness.”


Services and Donations



Deluxe Tantra Session

Comprised of three main parts: coaching, energy healing, and tantric body temple worship. To be eligible for these sessions, a prerequisite Coaching Session is required. The Singles gift exchange is $300.00 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum requirement ($600.00 total). The Couples gift exchange is $400.00 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum requirement ($1,200.00 total)


Transformational Tantra Coaching Session

These sessions are comprised of customized coaching and energy healings. The singles gift exchange is $200.00 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum requirement. The couples gift exchange for these sessions are $300.00 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum requirement


Virtual Session

These sessions are comprised of three main sections: personalized coaching, energy healing, and tantric guided meditations. The singles gift exchange is $250.00 per hour, with a 90 minute minimum requirement . Couples gift exchange is $375.00 per hour. with a 2 hour minimum requirement. 



Guiding you to your Divine Bliss

Tantra is the most powerful modality for healing and manifestation because it utilizes our life-force-energy, the energy used for all of creation. In the world of Tantra, there are many meanings, lineages, and philosophies. In these sessions, we practice "pink tantra," which can be defined as utilizing life force energy in sacred energy work, inner work/subconscious reprogramming, and somatic healing. We are all deserving of living our bliss, and through these sessions, you can be activated to this reality. I utilize multiple modalities of healing, offering full-being expansion. I use the bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach and the client based approach to best assist my clients in their goals, intentions, manifestations, and bringing pleasure into their daily lives. I adjust and filter sessions to what is unique to each individual to attain successful results: goals, needs, and desires.  

Informational Tantra Video

Click the link to head to my YouTube Channel and learn more details on what tantra is, why I do it, and how!

This was my very first Tantra massage. Rainbow greeted me warmly and asked me more about myself and what drew me to Tantra. After sharing we engaged in a couple exercises such as eye gazing. I felt very comfortable in her presence. We previously went over the expectations and flow of the session, however she still asked for consent along the way which allowed me to reflect and feel into my body during the session. There was no detail that missed. From the gentle guidance of the affirmations she spoke over me to the recognition of stored trauma which she guided me through releasing. I would write a book to explain the depth of healing that I experienced within this session. I would absolutely share this experience with her again. The session closed with a gentle embrace and reflection. Perfection."

Raquel, NY

Offering Services in the South Florida Area

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