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For The Love of Men

Men and women have experienced extensive hurts and hang ups with one another during the course of history and in our current society. It seems as though with some of the recent feminist movement, there has been a wave of imbalance in women's perspective of men and vice-versa. Because of the wounding women have received from men, it is easy to fall into the narrative that men are "dumb", "unsafe", "shitty", "shallow", etc., but there are some important truths that need to be considered. Although there has been dishonoring from men toward women, there is no forward movement in women dominating men, or turning the tables, so to speak. The disharmony between us cannot be solved in villainizing men when realistically, we are complimentary to one another by design. They have also been subject to wounding from women and from society. Of course, the patriarchal system has been harmful to women, and men have not endured what we have, but they have endured their own traumas through the patriarchy as well. In truth, it is not our natural state to be divided and imbalanced. As men have followed this system that was established before them, it has been harmful to their own psyches/beings. The medicine is in reuniting with each other, recognizing the benefits our differences offer one another, and seeing the truth in our equality and necessity we both carry. We cannot expect men to honor women if women do not honor men. Swinging the pendulum the exact opposite way helps no one. We are strongest, at our best, and most powerful when we are together. By making big changes in our own lives it is creating change for us all. To remedy the harmful experiences women have had with men that have created these negative stories around them, we must knock down the egoic urge to put them under our boot as we are rising up from theirs, and instead harness our strength and power to recognize their divine innocence. We must learn to appreciate our men. Men are providers. Men are protectors. Men are valuable. Men add to the quality of our lives and they are irreplaceable. Men are important. We love men. We adore men. We believe in men. We honor men. We see them for who they are. We recognize where they’ve been, what they’ve experienced, their strength, and how they have overcome many hurtful experiences—just like us. In truth, we are much more alike than we have recognized. Our differences are to be respected and embraced. Our differences create more opportunity. Our oneness, our divinity, our unity, our sameness is real, important, significant, and powerful. We are reconciling with our men. We are healing with our men. We are embracing our men. We are accepting our men. We are loving our men. So it is.

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